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When practicing deep stretching, we are TARGETING physical aspects of the body using SPECIFIC techniques.  The aspects of the body we are targeting are muscle, connective tissue, joints and bone.  We hit the target by using proven methods of breath, relaxation and body awareness.  Holding stretches for a sustained period of time by paying attention to intensity, muscular tension and breath stimulates the body over time, improving flexibility and REBUILDING the connective tissue of the body, improving healthy muscular shape and range of motion.


My program is for ANYONE who wants to decrease chronic pain, ease inflammation, improve flexibility, stability and range of motion in the body.  ANYONE can learn and adopt a deep stretching practice and benefit from this program.  The program is desigened to accomodate individuals who do not practice yoga.


Are YOU ready to begin the healing?  Follow me!


Both active and non-active lifestyles shape the body.  Is there a way to impact the body in a POSITIVE way, influence strength, rebuild the foundation of our physical structure and improve how the body feels when it moves?  The short answer is…ABSOLUTELY!


Do you go to a chiropractor or massage therapist and see results that are good, but find yourself wishing the relief and health benefits lasted longer?  Do you take Ibuprophen, Aleve or prescriptions?  Why?The reason is usually pain; pain in the knees, hips, feet, shoulders and back.  Sedentary lives, desk jobs, looking down at your phone, tablet, computer take their toll on the body.  Lives of pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, over time, give us bodies, full of pain.  


Muscle builds and repairs faster than your joints and connective tissue.  Strong muscles on weak joints can cause much pain.  Strong joints and connective tissue, to support strong muscles, can take you to the next level of fitness and prevent pain.  Deep stretching, if practiced regularly, or when you need it, becomes an effective partner in your arsenal to reduce pain.  Once you learn to practice the techniques I teach in this program, it will be as simple as stretching at home for 10-30 minutes per day, or taking a 1+ hour yoga class at your local yoga studio.  Imagine a life without chronic pain, it is possible for many of you!

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