The spiritual priciples as outlined in the "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous, are like any other spiritual philosophy, directions on a spiritual path. Yogic spiritual philosophy is in many ways the "how to" of any path.  When it comes to seeking a Higher Power, 12 Step and Yoga share many common threads.  As a result, yoga and its techniques can be used with (not as a replacement for) 12 Step concepts to develop a deep connection with our understanding of the Divine.  


Techniques such as;


      -mindfullness of body

      -mindfullness of breath



      -chanting / call and response

      -self inquiry

can be more deeply understood more effectively practiced.  

The class does not seek to change, but to help the student deepen their own understanding and connection the God of our understanding.

This class is NOT a replacement for the 12 Steps and is NOT a 12 step meeting.  It is a yoga class focused on 12 Step philosophy and yogic techniques.  Come when you can.   Practice makes permanent.


It is a blessing for the space and equipment to be provided for by Christ Episcopal Church, 1210 Wooten Lake Rd. Kennesaw 30144


Suggested donation $5

Please bring a mat