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The spiritual principles outlined in the "big book" of Alcoholics Anonymous, are shared with many other spiritual philosophies. 

Similarly yoga, as outlined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjaliteaches practices of meditation and prayer which can directly impact one's spiritual connection to a Higher Power. The practices can be applied across any tradition. Even more inviting to the 12 stepper is this understanding, particularly since we are "given permission" to come to our own understanding.  As a result, evaluating and adopting practices across faiths is a common in 12 Step culture. Essentially, I can have my own Higher Power and I can look to other traditions and practices to foster a connection with the Divine. Yoga techniques can be used with (not as a replacement for) the 12 Steps.  


Techniques such as;


      -mindfullness of body

      -mindfullness of breath



      -chanting / call and response

      -self inquiry

can be more deeply understood and effectively practiced.  

The class does not seek to change, but to help the student deepen, their understanding and connection to the God of our understanding.

This class is NOT a replacement for the 12 Steps and is NOT a 12 step meeting.  It is a yoga class focused on 12 Step philosophy and yogic techniques.  Come when you can.   Practice makes permanent.

All are welcome and experience is not necessary.

Suggested equipment (not requried) mat, 2 blocks or 2 pillows and a strap.


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