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Live, online and private options available


When practicing deep stretching, we TARGET physical aspects of the body using SPECIFIC techniques.  The aspects of the body we target  are muscle, connective tissue, joints and bone.  We hit the target by using proven methods of breath, relaxation and body awareness.  Holding stretches for a sustained period of time, paying attention to intensity, muscular tension and breath stimulates the body over time, improving flexibility and REBUILDING the connective tissue of the body, improving healthy muscular shape and range of motion.


This program is for ANYONE who wants to decrease chronic pain, ease inflammation, improve flexibility, stability and range of motion in the body.  ANYONE can learn and adopt a deep stretching practice and benefit from this program.  The program is desigened to accomodate individuals who do not practice yoga.


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1075 Whitlock Ave, Suite E, Marietta, GA 30064

(470) 236-6732

Tuesdays 12 PM : Saturdays 8 AM

In Person

Do you go to a chiropractor or massage therapist, see results that are good, but find yourself wishing the relief and health benefits lasted longer?  Do you experience discomfort and pain in the knees, hips, feet, shoulders or back.  Sedentary lives, desk jobs, looking down at your phone, tablet, and computer take their toll on the body.  Lives of pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, over time, give us bodies, full of pain.  



330 Chambers St
Woodstock, GA 30188 

THURSDAYS 11:30 AM 60 Minute Hot Sequence LIVE & ONLINE

FRIDAYS 9:30 AM 90 Minute Hot Sequence  LIVE & ONLINE 

SUNDAYS 12PM 75 Minute Yin Deep Stretch LIVE & ONLINE

Ember's Hot Sequence class is an invigorating sequence of postures that works the entire body and is appropriate for all levels of experience. The class is led in a heated room with a temperature of 105 degrees and humidity of 42%. The heat warms and opens the body; enhances flexibility; releases toxins; and naturally focuses the mind to a single point of concentration. Within this environment, a truly complete sequence of postures is practiced at a deliberate pace and with thorough instruction from the teacher. Modifications and advanced variations will be introduced. With the aid of the heat, the postures will gradually optimize every facet of the body and mind. 

This class is recommended for new students and experienced students alike. This sequence of postures, practiced regularly, will build and maintain strength and flexibility and will purify the body and the mind.

Deep Stretch Yin Yoga is a great practice for anyone who is 'stiff' looking to improve flexibility, anyone looking to stretch their muscles back out from a more vigorous practice, and anyone looking to begin exploring meditation. 

In this class floor poses are held for extended periods of time with the muscles relaxed to allow gravity time to work on the muscles, connective tissue, joints, and even the bones. This practice can actually be therapeutic for certain kinds of joint-pain as the long gentle holds can allow the joints to be worked in a safe and therapeutic manner that is simply impossible in a more active class. Because of the nature of the long holds it is a great time for inner-reflection and meditation as well as developing a deeper awareness of both the body and the breath. The poses themselves also begin to cultivate flexibility in the very same areas that one would need flexibility in to be able to hold an upright meditation posture for an extended period of time. 

This practice is NOT restorative yoga. Unlike restorative yoga where the body is supported by props and the focus is on relaxation, in yin yoga the body is allowed to be pulled by gravity into the pose so that there are certain 'stresses' placed on different tissues of the body resulting a therapeutic effect. It is the TIME that the poses are held that gives yin yoga its power and which also makes it challenging. With care and consideration almost anyone can derive benefit from a yin practice, however as with any asana practice special care must be taken to cultivate the right attitude and approach to this unique practice for your individual body. 

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