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Yummy homemade vanilla yogurt!

Yogurt is so simple and delicious to make. Yogurt is a "live" food, therefore proper food handling procedures should be taken.

Here are the tools and ingredients you will need:


6-8 quart Cast iron pot

Metal whisk



Half gallon HOMESTEAD CREAMERY INC. whole milk (Kroger)

Quarter gallon HOMESTEAD CREAMERY INC. heavy cream (Kroger)

3 vanilla beans, halved and scraped of their seeds (Costco)

1 cup plain yogurt (Chobani plain) (Kroger)


Place the milk and heavy cream in the cast iron pot along with the vanilla beans. Bring the mixture to 200 degrees (THIS IS JUST BELOW BOILING) while constantly stirring with the whisk. Do not boil the mixture.

Once the mixture is at 200 degrees, remove from the stovetop and place it in the sink. Fill the sink with cold water so the water comes up approximately 3/4 up the side of the pot. Continuously stir the mixture until the temperature reaches between 120 degrees and 140 degrees. Mix in the cup of yogurt. This acts as a starter.

Finally, place in the oven WITH THE OVEN LIGHT ON, for 24 hours. When completed, leave in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

I hope you enjoy this fun, easy and inexpensive way to make fresh and healthy yogurt.


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